Terms of use

§1: We are not responsible for the pages that were archived by our service. The whole responsibility lies with the person who registered the URL or embedded the JS file on a web page. For the content to be seen on the screenshots the owner of the site, from which the screenshot was created, is responsible.
§2: It is not allowed to add pornographic or illegal sites, that are against the german law..
§3: It is not allowed to add copyright protected content.
§4: It's technically impossible to check all screenshots for the german law and this rules. Because of this we hope for the cooperation of our users to report screenshots that violate the german law or these rules. If you found a screenshot violating the german law or these rules you have to report it to our staff. We will then remove the screenshot as soon as possible.
§5: With using this service (e.g. adding URL's or embedding the JS Code) you automatically accept the terms of use.

Additional points can be found in the disclaimer bellow. These points are only added to the rules above. The rules above have a higher priority than the disclaimer bellow.